On December 22nd: Suspected Hackers Cause Internet Blackout For North Korea
North Korea is undergoing its worst internet blackout ever. This comes shortly after President Obama vowed a response to the suspected North Korean involvement in the internet attack on Sony corporation.

On November 25th: Pentigon to give 1.6 billion worth of chemical warfare gear to Iraqi & Kurdish Military
Thousands of suits used in chemical warfare are being given to Iraqi and Kurdish military forces by the Pentagon in preparation for an offensive chemical attack by ISIS in response to fears that ISIS could manufacture or otherwise obtain chemicals used in chemical warfare.

On November 25th: Iran’s Leader Says the U.S will not be successful in bringing Iran to its knee’s
Iran’s leader openly states that western powers will fail at bringing Iran to its knee’s in nuclear negotiations and stated that Iran will not give up its perceived right to nuclear capability.

On October 29th: Australia Bans Travel From Countries Struck With Ebola:
Australia has shut its borders to citizens of countries that have been worst hit by the Ebola virus. Australia is the first country to take such drastic measures to protect itself from the virus.

On October 29th: North Korea Executes 10 Of Their Officials For Watching South Korean Soaps:
Ten North Korean officials have been executed for charges that include watching South Korean soaps making 50 senior members killed this year.

On October 29th: Isis Mass Killing Near Bahgdad:
In Western Iraq 30 men were lined up and executed by members of the Islamic State terrorist group after parading them through the streets with a loudspeaker, calling them apostates.

On October 29th: Isis Recruiting For Attack On Australia
A message intercepted recently shows Isis recruiting and urging Australian’s to launch attacks within their own country rather than travel to Iraq or Syria.

On October 1st: UK Has Begun Airstrikes On ISIS
The United Kingdom has begun targeting ISIS with airstrikes using RAF Tornado jets, bombing a heavy weapons post and a truck with a mounted machine gun, completely destroying it.

On October 1st: Ebola Has Come To America
The first Ebola patient is being treated at a hospital in Dallas. The patient went to the hospital in Dallas, Texas six days after contracting the disease and arriving in the city. He is currently being held in isolation at the Dallas hospital.

On September 29th: US And Kurds Strike ISIS Targets Overnight
The United States and Kurds have struck ISIS targets in Syria overnight, killing civilians and jihadist fighters. Mills and grain stores were hit Manbij, which is controlled by the Islamic State, or ISIS. Two civilian workers were killed in the raids. A building on the road out of the city was also hit, killing ISIS fighters. ISIS vehicles were also hit.

ISIS is now changing their tactics and spreading out, making it more difficult to attack large targets which were easier to attack.

On September 29th: Worst Ukraine Shelling In A Week. 12 Killed.
12 people have been killed in the worst shelling in a week in the fighting between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian governments soldiers. 9 soldiers have been killed in one day. 32 people have been wounded in the fighting. This is despite the ceasefire in affect.

On September 23rd: U.S Missile Strikes In Syria Disrupting Terrorist Activities
Missile strikes in Syria by the U.S are reportedly disrupting attacks planned to be carried out within the U.S by the ISIS terrorist group. The U.S has fired 20 Tomahawk cruise missiles in Northwestern Syria, among others.

The United Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar flew F-16 and F-15 Jets but none dropped any ordnance.

On September 23rd: Israel Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet
Israel has shot down a Syrian fighter jet that was over the Golan Heights. It has been decades since such a thing has happened, which is elevating tensions in the region. The pilots got out safely and returned to Syria without further incidence.

On September 13th: America Officially At War… Again
President Obama has declared war on the terrorist threats in Iraq and Syria which includes ISIS, or the Islamic State, stating that this war will be different than the last war in Iraq in that rather than sending ground troops, the focus will be on air strikes and supporting other forces in the area in the fight against the growing threats.

Isis has taken large amounts of territory in Northern Iraq and Syria and killed thousands in the process thus far. This will be the first time that the United States has brought down airstrikes in Syria.