The glittering cold fire inside diamonds is not an optical effect. They are flashes of passion, secret oaths and confessions, fiery kisses. They are preserved in stone better than in human memory, especially if the diamond piece was worn at a wedding. 

White, black or yellow?

It is a well-known fact that a lot of things connected with diamonds are a successful hoax designed to make their behavior even more mysterious and glamorous. Take, for instance, the color of diamonds. The old-school jewelers are of the opinion that the best color is a colorless, “clear-cut” diamond that would not be noticeable at all. It is in this kind of stone, say the jewelers, that foreign inclusions and impurities are completely absent. However, a white stone is a bit dull, even if it sparkles in bright sparkles. This is why not so long ago black diamonds, opaque, deep-colored stones, were declared unique and chic.

Yes, there is no doubt, the stone is interesting, but it is devoid of color play, radiance, and life. This is, perhaps, the reason why black diamond rings are so beloved by occultists. Of course, diamond rings, for them, the black stone is definitely not the right one. But a black diamond is considered by many people as a magical diamond that brings great victories and good luck. Diamonds of other colors have not been seen in such magic, although singer Mariah Carey, who has a pink diamond engagement ring, repeatedly claimed that it could bring her joy, good spirits and peace.

Is it practical?

Of course, when it comes to weddings, practicality and appropriateness in general is better to forget, but still. Rings with diamonds, especially large, elongated ones, are not very comfortable to wear every day. Yes, it’s chic, but many women from the very first days of marriage begin to complain about their ring. For example: it is bulky, heavy, it clings to everything, its edges are sharp, it makes puffs, scratches children. In addition, it is already impossible to change the size of such rings. This is especially true of models where diamonds dot the entire length of the ring.

“So you should not choose a diamond-decorated engagement ring?” someone will ask. No, you should, but immediately you need to be prepared for the fact that the fate of this sparkling splendor – to lie in a casket, to remind of unforgettable moments. Perhaps it makes sense to order two engagement rings – one practical, gold, “for every day” and another one with a diamond for special events. If you want to choose and buy the best diamond rings, visit