The Fox News Channel is a popular media outlet. It is a network of news, entertainment, and sports shows. Most of the channel’s revenue is from advertising. However, the network also generates a lot of revenues from its affiliate fees. Consequently, most of the Fox News anchors earn significantly higher salaries than the national average.

Sean Hannity is one of the top paid television anchors in the United States. He hosts a show on the Fox News Channel and radio. In addition to his radio program, Hannity also hosts a nationally syndicated talk show. His annual salary is estimated to be $35 million.

Tucker Carlson is one of the highest paid television stars in the world. Although he has hosted several shows on the Fox News Channel, he is currently the host of the network’s number one rated show. His net worth is estimated to be $420 million.

Laura Ingraham is one of the highest paid Fox News journalists. She has been a reporter for the network since 2009. She is a conservative and has earned millions from her career. Currently, she is the second most high-paid personality on the network. This is despite her controversy over her comments about immigration laws and the shooting of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas.

Bret Baier has been a Fox News correspondent for over twenty years. Before joining the network, he worked for CNN and the Pentagon. Additionally, he was the chief White House correspondent. Also, he is the co-host of the Fox News America Reports.

Steve Doocy is a television and radio host, a journalist, and an author. He is the son of JoAnne Doocy. He started working at Fox News in 1996. Since then, he has earned numerous awards and writing awards. Besides his work at the network, he also works as an author and a columnist for MSNBC.

Jesse Ventura is a well-known American political commentator. He has also been a part of several media outlets. Currently, he is the host of Keeping Up with Jones on the Fox Nation.

Jeannette Pirro has been a lawyer and a judge. She has also worked for various publications. She has appeared as a guest on several Fox News shows. Her show, Justice with Judge Jeanine, has been on the channel since 2011. Other than the show, she has written six books.

Dana Perino has been a reporter, a teacher, and a White House press secretary. Previously, she had a radio show. As a journalist, she has also worked at the New York Times and the Washington Post. With a wealth of knowledge, she is a good choice to be the Fox News co-host of the Daily Briefing.

Despite all of the money that she has earned, Laura Ingraham still has the reputation of being a conservative broadcaster. This has led to backlash for her comments about gay rights and immigration. Still, she is the second highest paid Fox news personality. Moreover, her annual salary is reported to be $15 million.