If you want to choose a reliable lawyer, you should first analyze everything and find professionals who have a good reputation. For example, you should avoid certain representatives of the profession, so that as a result you do not become a hostage to an unpleasant situation that happened here https://www.halt.org/how-reputable-lawyers-break-the-law/. Let’s look at the main points you should pay attention to.

When choosing a lawyer, pay attention to the following points

  • The availability of a person with the status of a lawyer;
  • In what legal entity the lawyer works, what is the reputation of the lawyer’s education, you should carefully read the reviews on the Internet.
  • The experience of the lawyer. You should, if possible, trace the entire work biography, starting with what education and in what educational institution was obtained the lawyer. Pay attention to both the lawyer’s work experience and the lawyer’s prior work experience. When entering into an agreement with a lawyer to provide defense services in a criminal case, the experience of investigative or judicial work will be unequivocally in favor of the lawyer.
  • The lawyer’s specialization. As there is no doctors who are good and treat teeth, and operate, and restore sight, and the lawyer can not be a good specialist in criminal proceedings, and in civil and arbitration proceedings. The fact is that even with knowledge of the law, the lawyer will not be able to qualitatively render service, not tracking day to day investigative and judicial practice. And to do this, providing services, at once in all branches of the law, it is practically impossible. If you need a lawyer during the investigation, look for a lawyer specializing in criminal cases, if you need a lawyer to resolve a civil dispute, look for a civil lawyer.
  • Reviews about the lawyer and the cases in which he was involved. Case results. Availability of information about the lawyer in the public domain. You should be critical of the information posted by the lawyer himself on his website, as well as the advertising information. For example, a favorite trick of most lawyers, who promote their services on the Internet, is overstating the results of their work, indicating the number of won cases as a hundred percent or close to that figure.
  • The manner of communication, appearance, behavior at the first consultation. If the lawyer is trying to dump on you at the first meeting the entire array of possible sanctions, most likely he’s trying to intimidate you, to put a price on himself. If all communication is built exclusively around the fee and its size, it is unlikely that you should deal with such a lawyer, a lawyer is not commercial and does not pursue the goal of profit, worthy of a high rank of attorney first tries to help his principal, receiving for their work payment, worthy of the quality of assistance rendered.

We hope that after reading the article you will learn something useful and be able to choose a worthy lawyer to resolve your case. As an aid, you can use the rating of lawyers on specialized sites and choose the best in the profession to conclude an agreement.