Labour disputes are disagreements between an employer and an employee (employees). Labour disputes are divided into individual and collective ones. For the employment lawyers in Brooklyn it is important to have a high qualification, as labour disputes relate to a fairly complex category of cases. In the composition of law firms there are highly qualified lawyers and lawyers in labour cases, which will provide you with legal advice, necessary services, as well as any assistance of a lawyer in New York and other cities. Collective actions against the employer take place in the event of a mass violation of labor laws by the employer. For example, if the company has a mass dismissal of employees, or employees are faced with non-payment of wages, compensations provided by the collective agreement.

Resolution of individual labour disputes

In practice, there are much more frequent individual labour disputes related to non-payment of wages to a particular employee or illegal dismissal. Lawyers for labour disputes, real professionals of the business, more than once won the cases even against the state authorities and local government, restoring clients at work with the recovery of wages for forced absenteeism. On simple labor issues it’s better to consult a lawyer, so you will gain confidence and be able to properly plan their actions.

The task of the lawyer is not only to represent the interests of the client in the courts, it is important to collect evidence, registration of procedural documents, work with court practice. It’s difficult to represent special terms of limitation of actions, established by the legislation. Therefore, we recommend you to contact a lawyer immediately after a dispute or even before a controversial situation. If the simple rules are observed, the lawyer will be able to provide you with qualified legal assistance and protect your rights in court. 

Lawyers provide such services on labor cases:

  • assistance in applying for termination of employment;
  • drafting employment contracts, instructions, collective agreements and other documents;
  • collection of wages, compensation for moral damages;
  • drawing up statements of claim and other procedural documents;
  • cases of unlawful dismissal, changes in the wording of dismissals in the employment record book, repayment of debts, and disciplinary action;
  • representation of interests in court on labour cases;
  • support of problematic dismissals.

Lawyers will help you in the resolution of labour disputes of any complexity, while you can find a company, which prices will be available to you. At the moment there are many experienced lawyers, who are constantly working in the field of labour law. You just need to find exactly those specialists who will help you in solving specifically your problem situation.

You can get preliminary consultation of an employment lawyer, if you contact a specialized company by phone, or ask your question online. An employment lawyer will competently and promptly answer your questions. Timely provided legal assistance will warn both parties of the employment relationship from committing illegal actions. Labour lawyer will help in the shortest possible time to settle labour disputes, protect the violated rights. Becoming a client of a legal company you will have no reason to doubt in the correctness of your choice. The lawyer for labour law will provide you with truly qualified and professional assistance. It will help you always quickly and rationally solve problems in the field of labor law.