The relationship between a man and a woman has been an important component of human life since its inception. At the same time, the sexual component of these relationships is of great importance for both sexes. One of the main characteristics of masculinity in cultures of different peoples at all times was a man’s ability to perform a full sexual act, the problem of lack of this ability is known in medicine since antiquity. For a long time this problem was called impotence. Now you can find the best medicines on the website

Erectile dysfunction

The very word “impotence” makes even the most confident man shudder. The problem of loss of male strength has always been disturbing and frightening. Earlier they spoke about it in a low voice, blaming it on divine and otherworldly forces. Later, they tried to cure impotence with various remedies. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians had their own recipes. The results of such treatments were not always satisfactory, but the healers never gave up. In our days, doctors are seriously concerned about the search of remedies for impotence. The success of medicine in this regard is tremendous. Today, there are drugs that help men at any age, up to 100 years old, to feel that he is a man.

Traditionally, the term “impotence” was most commonly used to refer to the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. In 1988, doctors agreed to get rid of the derogatory term “impotence” once and for all, now erectile dysfunction is commonly referred to as “erectile dysfunction”. This term refers to the inability to achieve or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory (that is, satisfying both partners) intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can be combined with decreased libido, impaired ejaculation and orgasm.

Organic causes of erectile dysfunction may be a variety of diseases. These include atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc. Frequent causes may be alcoholism, tobacco smoking, drug addiction, spinal injuries and diseases, etc. Erectile dysfunction may occur as an adverse reaction to the use of certain medications (estrogenic hormones, pain killers, drugs used in the treatment of alcoholism, etc.). It is important to emphasize that erectile dysfunction of mixed genesis, when psychogenic and organic factors are combined, is most often detected.

For centuries, people have not put up with sexual weakness and sought ways to treat it. Greek healers recommended as a cure seeds and flowers of the male fern, which should be taken orally, used as lotions and wraps. Scientific approach to the study of problems with potency appeared only at the end of XIX century. First of all the causes of sexual impotency began to be divided into psychological and organic ones. Later the causes of the disease were sorted out and complex treatment was undertaken. Methods to restore sexual function in men are divided into conservative and invasive. You can find modern medications here