Erectile dysfunction can occur spontaneously or develop gradually. It often happens that impotence is of a periodic nature and disappears after the elimination of the external problem. However, if the problem does not go away or the frequency of failed intercourse becomes more frequent, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.

Clinical manifestations of impotence

The main symptoms of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Complete or partial absence of morning erection;
  • Difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection;
  • Weak erection.

Complications of the disease

Erectile dysfunction can cause the following complications:

  1. dissatisfaction with intimate life;
  2. severe stress and depression;
  3. the development of complexes and decreased self-esteem;
  4. problems in the family or in a relationship with a partner;
  5. infertility.

When developing impotence, it is important not only to immediately contact a specialist, but also to be honest with your partner. Keeping silent is the worst choice. Honesty in the relationship and discussion of a delicate problem will help to reduce the negative effects of impotence, to maintain a full relationship.


The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is made after a detailed examination and questioning of the patient. The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction includes:

  • consultation with a urologist;
  • ultrasound diagnosis;
  • blood tests (hormone panel, total blood count, biochemical analysis);
  • diagnosis of the vessels of the penis for the ability to dilate;
  • urinalysis;
  • testing of the innervation of the penis;
  • diagnosis of nocturnal erection.

Treatment of the disease

The therapy of the disease directly depends on the causes that caused it. If erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological factors, the patient is referred for treatment to a sexopathologist and psychotherapist. In addition, the very presence of the disorder requires psychological support to avoid the development of complexes. If impotence is caused by taking medication, erectile function is restored after drug withdrawal.

If other pathologies underlie the disorder, it is necessary to undergo therapy for this disease. With hormonal disorders, hormone replacement therapy with testosterone or other hormones depending on the disorder may be recommended. You can find specialized medications here