Implementation of almost complete automation of production processes in the equipment is an undeniable technical achievement. All devices are present for metal profile production. Control over equipment can carry out only two people – the operator and his assistant. And constantly need to be in production only as an operator, an assistant is needed when filling the installation. These lines capture more and more world markets. The production of roll forming machines does not stop there either.

Profile bending lines

The company offers to buy equipment for the production of drainage systems and gutter pipes. All that is related to the manufacture, occurs automatically, human resources are required at the stage of packaging of finished products. Typically, this line consists of:

  1. cantilever or rack uncoiler with an electric drive;
  2. a cutting off unit that allows you to cut the product to the required length;
  3. a bending machine for the profile, consisting of rollers with profiling rollers;
  4. a manual trimming device made in the form of a roller blade, located at the line inlet;
  5. a control mechanism that sets the desired operating characteristics of the entire line.

If necessary, equipment for drainage systems can be completed with additional components. In this case, the installation can be equipped with a device for the application of the protective film. It can protect the products from damage during transportation. Also for maximum automation of production, the line can be equipped with a receiving table. Thanks to it, products are stacked in bundles without human intervention.

In terms of productivity, the equipment for the production of drainage system is able to produce a lot of products for a minimum of time. The method of alternate profiling allows for high quality products, clear parameters and the required rigidity. If you want to buy equipment for the production of drainage systems, the price may depend on the completeness of the line, the warranty period and the like. Nevertheless, you can find an affordable and reasonable price from manufacturers. Buying equipment from them is much more profitable than from intermediaries.

Equipment for the production of roofing

Manufacturer offers to buy equipment for the production of roof ridge, shingles, profiled sheeting. The main advantages of machines are ease of operation, mobility and compact size. Due to the low weight of the installation can be brought to the construction site and perform the work directly at the site of installation. This makes it possible to avoid damage to building materials during transportation and save time and money on delivery. Equipment for metal tile has a lot of advantages:

  • It can be easily adjusted to the desired width;
  • Machines have a low weight, compact size;
  • To get the best quality desired shape, rolled sheet on each side;
  • Machines are able to work with different materials.

Machine for metal tile has a high productivity. It makes it possible to produce parts of different lengths, while maintaining the monolithicity of the original. You can buy a high quality and efficient machine for the production of semi-circular ridge, shingles, profiled sheeting at an affordable price on the website There are many excellent products here that will be useful to you in various situations. So you really can find everything you need on the website and buy the best equipment.