Best Price Andropen 275

Today we want to talk about a powerful composite steroid drug that has pronounced androgenic and anabolic qualities. Andropen 275 contains 5 esters of the main male hormone – testosterone. They are dissolved in oil. These are testosterone acetate, as well as propionate, phenylpropionate, cypionate and decanoate. The drug is an excellent modern analogue of Omnadren and Sustanon, with which he also coincides with the tactics of building a course of admission. Currently, not only bodybuilders and powerlifters want to buy Andropen 275 in Canada, but also representatives of other sports disciplines.

Characteristics of the drug

This mixture of esters allows the product to have a long-term effect on the athlete’s body. Because the mechanism works in such a way that each ether begins to function in due time after entering the blood. By creating such a steroid, the specialists wanted to reduce the number of injections that an athlete should have on the course. At the injection site, a so-called oil depot is formed, which allows the blood to be supplied with a steroid until the longest ether, decanoate, ceases to act. The price for Andropen 275 from British Dragon is relatively affordable for every athlete. That allows bodybuilders, powerlifters, weightlifters, security officers and other athletes to acquire it and “run” it. You can find more information here

The main effects of taking

After completing the course of Andropen 275, any athlete will be able to appreciate all its positive effects. These include the opportunity to maximize your muscles, get high-quality, dry and dense relief, significantly increase the indicators of physical strength and endurance, improve the capabilities of joints and ligaments, help strengthen them, and quickly get rid of painful sensations that appear in the bottom. The course also normalizes nitrogen balance, improves appetite and metabolic rate. The athlete feels more comfortable. He is full of strength and energy, gets powerful motivation to achieve his goals. The effects of taking the drug include strengthening the immune system, as well as increasing libido on the course

Andropen 275 Solo and Combination Course

The recommended duration of the solo course is 1.5 months. The working weekly dosage of the steroid is in the range of 275 – 550 mg. It is very convenient that the injection should be carried out no more than 1 – 2 times in 7 days. Starting from the 2nd week of the course, you need to take aromatase inhibitors. For example, Anastrozole in the amount of 0.5 mg every other day. It is also advised to control the level of estrogen by taking tests. Since the testosterone mixture has a rather strong complex effect on the body, the drug is not advised to be used by women. Otherwise, the manifestation of virilization is possible.

As for the combined courses, the combination of Andropen with Turinabol and Stanozolol has shown itself well. This technique guarantees a solid gain in muscle mass. This reception scheme has already been tested in practice by many athletes. It is notable for the fact that after discontinuation of the drug, athletes do not experience a rollback phenomenon. As a PCT, experts advise purchasing and taking Clomid or Tamoxifen. Don’t forget about Gonadotropin. It is best to start PCT 3 weeks after the last injection of Andropen. In addition to the above drugs, you need to take testosterone boosters, such as Forskolin, Tribulus, as well as vitamin D. The duration of their intake is normally from 3 to 4 weeks.

Side effects of taking a course of Andropen

As for unpleasant side effects, then, as in the case of any steroid drug, it is possible to avoid their manifestation if you follow the regimen, do not delay the course longer than expected, do not take the drug in excessive quantities. Otherwise, such side effects from the body as the phenomenon of gynecomastia, fat deposits, the appearance of edema, inhibition of the body’s normal production of its own testosterone, increased production of dihydrotestosterone (as a result, side effects associated with such a violation occur), testicular atrophy, increased cholesterol levels , which is considered harmful. Sometimes you may feel unsatisfactory with cold symptoms. One of them is fever. Lumps are not excluded in those places where the drug was injected. As a rule, they are completely absorbed after 2 – 5 weeks.

Reviews of athletes after taking the drug

Reviews about Andropen 275 characterize it as a drug with a pronounced anabolic effect, which is convenient in terms of use, rarely provokes the appearance of pain at the injection site and the development of side effects. It is guaranteed to increase the level of immunity, build up solid muscles, in general, to get all the effects declared by the manufacturer. Although women are not advised to use a steroid, but those who nevertheless decided to use it, injected the drug in minimal dosages, getting the maximum benefit from its reception. You can find out more on this site