Shortly before the release of the third part, Maxis had some very serious talk. “Socionics”, “archetypes”, and other aspects of character behavior in the game. The Sims 4 dispensed with such a spectacle, but its efficiency was incomparably greater.

What you should know about the game

Before the electronic people lived by the same vector. You’ve had your meal and it’s good! Talking with a neighbor – good! Staring at the TV – great! Now meeting the basic needs of food, sleep, and fun only makes Sims happier: a full and satisfied character gets a couple of bonuses for friendly social activities (e.g., saying compliments sincerely). Surprise! There are a lot of such vectors, and all are closely tied to the character traits of the characters in sims 4 relations.

Among them – discontent and strong discontent, that is, the usual crappy mood from lack of sleep, boredom, or overflowing colon. To get angry, the usual nuisance is not enough: the character must be a choleric, who explodes with nonsense.

What’s funny, a grumpy old man won’t sit down in front of a monitor; he’ll run to terrorize his family and cuss until he calms down. Embarrassment is also not just cause: it comes from the awkwardness of the situation and forces the sim to cram under the covers, away from prying eyes. Confidence, on the contrary, comes from the successes of life or even after an ordinary brush of teeth: a confident character loves to weave tall tales and involve friends in all sorts of adventures. In addition, there are states of inspiration, coquetry, foolishness, daffiness, and so on.

Crucially, the player is endowed by the right of in-game deity with the power to control emotions. Send the tired mother of the family in the shower with steam – let her get in the mood for romance! Aesthete should not be allowed to watch TV: stupid programs will damage his delicate mental organization. Terrible person will be too damn glad to screw over the guests, and will not be afraid of reciprocation. Concise and clear “wind rose” of emotions, great for expanding the scope of game mechanics, helps you achieve your goals faster, sending an introvert to a pickup session in a nightclub. 

The doll world has suddenly shrunk. One of the undeniable pluses of The Sims 3 was the honest-to-goodness open town with no subplots. In the new release of the village is “hybrid”: a morning jog is not limited to the boundaries of the yard, you can walk past the neighboring houses, but a trip to visit or in a public place immediately takes the hero out of the house and loads in a chosen place. Domestic residents, meanwhile, are left to themselves, plastered with blueprints of atomic bombs, sacrificing squirrels to the Aztec gods and going to work so as not to be kicked out in the cold. If you’re looking for unusual character behavior, The Sims 4 might not be a bad option. But the trouble is that you won’t get the initiative from AI. Yes, the mood makes to do the appropriate actions, but weaned from the master’s cursor Sims turn into dull zombies, storming the computer, and then – of course, the whole bunch – the toilet.