You can’t hide from outdoor advertising. It is placed on the streets in megacities, cities, villages. You can meet outdoor signs everywhere, from building facades, sidewalks to highways. Outdoor advertising in New York City is in high demand because of its effectiveness. It can not be turned off, ignored, in contrast to the TV spots, pop-up windows on the Internet, social networks. Outdoor advertising will not work only if the Sun goes out, but in this case there is a luminous “outdoor”, which attracts clients 24/7.

Today entrepreneurs can choose outdoor advertising and signage from a huge number of varieties. Installations on the roof, shields, steles and pylons, firewalls – and this is just the beginning of the list of outdoor constructions. It is not surprising that many are lost and do not understand what to order. In this article we will consider several types of the most effective outdoor advertising, which you can order from sign installation company.

What works the best?

Based on many years of experience, we offer our TOP of the most effective street structures in the United States.

Firewalls on buildings

A huge canvas covering several floors – this is impossible not to notice. Whoever says anything about advertising blindness, the firewall makes anyone who passes or passes by sight. By the way, such banner outdoor advertising hides well the reconstruction of the building, the emergency condition and just ennobles.

Roof structures

Outdoor advertising, three-dimensional letters – for us it is almost synonyms, because the letters with a beautiful glow most often bought for the street. If you add to this list location on the roof, we get another great way to promote business outside the premises. Light three-dimensional letters on the roof, thanks to their location and size, dominate the other signs and are the first to be seen. We do not advise to put other types of outdoor advertising on the roof due to strong wind pressure. The letters withstand the gusts most firmly.

Backlit shields

Separate structures, located close to the place of trade, are always eye-catching. And if you add a glow, there will be no price for them! Place shields along the highways, in parking lots, intersections. Luminous signs are the best outdoor advertising. 


Big light boxes are power! No outdoor advertising production in New York does not do without talking about the light box. If you need a big option, you can order banner lightboxes. They are visually no different from acrylics and will cost cheaper.

As for the acrylic light boxes of large sizes, here the production of outdoor advertising will certainly encounter nuances:

  • you’ll have to do the joints, so light boxes will shine through in this place;
  • you need to use thick acrylic, so that it does not deform with temperature changes. It costs more and is not profitable.

So, which outdoor advertising is the most successful? All light advertising! In the article we specified the TOP most interesting options, which, in addition to the bright glow, win at the expense of location or size. Any sign with backlighting will successfully attract the attention of passers-by, drivers, passengers.
Do you want to order outdoor advertising? In our company you will find light advertising, the price of which will pleasantly surprise. Make an order right now! The team of Fortuna Visual Group guarantees first-class quality, prompt production at a comfortable price. You can see for yourself, it is enough just once to use the services of the company.